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The Business Docs

Apprenez les bases de la gestion, les statistiques et les données pour aider à développer votre entreprise, accéder à de nouveaux marchés et augmenter ses marges de profit.

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ISSN: 3008-3818
ISSN-L: 3008-3818

In the series called "The Business Docs", we will keep an updated guide on opportunities for Romanian companies and how to better access them.

We will discuss the economics of business management in Romania, taking into account its geography, laws, and associated costs and estimated revenues.

Nous allons analyser en profondeur le cadre juridique dans lequel les entreprises fonctionnent, et les exigences pour diriger une entreprise prospère en Roumanie.

We will also analyse all of the relevant aspects of business running, such as opening a bank account, managing your payment processing for card transactions, and analysing and learning from others' success or failures, with case studies.

Should I register a company in Romania?

This documentation series will go in-depth into the benefits and downsides of running a Romanianomanian company.

We'll discuss the ideal Romanian business, the situations in which it might be best to look into jurisdictions like Bulgaria, and other information to make sure you are informed as an entepreneur.

What is this series intended for?

Anybody passionate about businesses, and that wants to get clear insights into everything an entepreneur should know, from the legal framework, to taxes, to insights and government support analysis.