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Plans Manual


Quick 3-day registration

  • Explanation of the 3-day timeframe.
    • Average time it typically takes.
    • Comparison with industry standards.
  • Benefits of a faster registration process.
  • Process overview: From submission to approval.

24/7 Consultancy

  • Overview of the 24/7 support.
  • Introduction to the AI-driven consultancy.
  • How it taps into a vast database of business laws, studies, etc.
  • Benefits: Immediate responses, no waiting times, and expert knowledge.

15 minutes form

  • No idiomatic translation provided.
  • Average time taken by users.
  • Tips for faster completion.
  • Importance of providing accurate information.

Social Headquarters

  • Definition and purpose of a Social Headquarters.
  • Why it's mandatory in Romania.
  • Benefits: Establishing a local presence, legal requirements, etc.
  • Process: How to set one up and its implications.


Easy KYC/KYB Checks

  • Explanation of KYC/KYB.
  • Importance in today's business landscape.
  • Process overview: What documents are needed and how they're verified.
  • Benefits: Faster approvals, increased trust, and security.

Safe Jurisdiction

  • Overview of Romania's jurisdiction.
  • Comparison with other countries.
  • Benefits: Easier banking processes, favorable laws, etc.
  • Why choosing a safe jurisdiction matters.

EU Company

  • Advantages of being an EU-based company.
  • Regulatory benefits.
  • Trade and business opportunities within the EU.

VAT Code Available

  • Explanation of the VAT code.
  • Benefits: Ease in taxation processes, trading within the EU.
  • How to apply and its implications.


Low Income Tax

  • Overview of the tax rate.
  • Comparison with other countries.
  • Benefits to businesses and implications for profits.

8% dividend tax

  • Explanation and importance of dividend tax.
  • How it impacts business owners and shareholders.
  • Comparison with global averages.

No yearly renewal fee

  • Details about the absence of this fee.
  • How it sets the company apart from others.
  • Financial implications for businesses.


Bank Account Opening

  • The process of opening a bank account.
  • Requirements and documents needed.
  • Benefits of having a dedicated bank account for business.

Invoicing Software

  • Features of the provided software.
  • Importance in financial tracking and client communication.
  • Benefits: Streamlined processes, automated calculations, etc.

Dedicated Consultant

  • Overview of consultant roles.
  • How they can assist businesses.
  • Benefits: Personalized guidance, expert advice, etc.

Visa Application Support

  • Overview of the visa application process.
  • How the company aids in this process.
  • Benefits: Faster approvals, reduced errors, etc.


  • Features of Pro.
  • Benefits to businesses: Streamlined media handling, integration capabilities, etc.

Cloud Storage

  • Features and storage capacity.
  • Benefits: Remote access, security, and collaboration.

Online Office Suite

  • Components of the suite.
  • Importance in today's digital work environment.
  • Collaboration and productivity benefits.

Meeting Software

  • Features of the software.
  • Importance in a remote work landscape.
  • Benefits: Seamless communication, recording capabilities, etc.

Chatwoot Hosting

  • Explanation of Chatwoot and its functionality.
  • Benefits: Improved customer support, real-time responses, etc.

Website Hosting

  • Hosting capabilities and features.
  • Importance for online presence.
  • Benefits: Faster load times, security, etc.

Email Hosting

  • Features of the email hosting solution.
  • Importance in professional communication.
  • Benefits: Personalized domains, increased trust, etc.

Included Accountant

  • Role of the included accountant.
  • How they can assist businesses.
  • Benefits: Accurate financial tracking, taxation advice, etc.