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Eligibility Requirements has minimal eligibility requirements. In short, we allow anything legal, but stay committed to ensuring we follow our legal obligations and help you do the same with your newly registered business.

Shareholders & Directors

In order to be eligible as a shareholder or director for a company, you need to:

  • Have a valid passport that will be used for identification by our signature provider.
  • Be in a country in our Signature Provider Support list
  • (If you are a director): Have no criminal or tax fraud record in any country.

Nationality requirements & checks

We support individuals from any country, as long as we can ensure compliance with regulations regarding issuing QES signatures, and we can provide all documentation needed for opening your company.

You mustn't be sanctioned:

Individuals, companies, or countries that by Romanian law, EU Law, or International law have been sanctioned cannot apply to register a company through

In order to ensure that you qualify, make sure that there is no sanction against you as an individual or company for being able to register a company in Romania.

If your business registration request is denied due to sanctions, we will refund your money and halt any business activities that you are prohibited from initiating.

Required Documents

We only require you to have your passport or ID card on hand (if inside the EU), which you'll use both for filling your application form and then, to register your business in the EU.

You must also have a payment method supported by Stripe, such as a Visa / Mastercard, Sofort, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, etc.