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May 2023 - Initial Open Beta

We began with bootstrapping and prototyping. We researched Romanian business laws and brought together a team of legal experts. Using technology, we read digital IDs and integrated GPT-4 for rapid support. Our MVP, launched in April, gained traction with Innovation Labs, resulting in widespread media coverage.

β€” Stefan-Lucian Deleanu

Bootstrapping and Prototyping

In my spare time, I began laying the groundwork by:

  • Working on an initial prototype.
  • Conducting extensive market research.
  • Delving into Romanian business registration laws.

Our team formation strategy was crucial. We:

  • Recruited legal consultants to help comprehend the Romanian business registration landscape.
  • Analyzed competitors to identify gaps and opportunities.

Technological Advancements

In our effort to streamline and save time, we implemented innovative solutions.

  • Utilized technology to automatically read digital documents, particularly IDs.
  • Integrated GPT-4 for AI-powered support to expedite customer service replies.

Journey with Innovation Labs

Our project garnered significant momentum through our association with Innovation Labs, a renowned Romanian pre-accelerator.

  • Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was unveiled in late April.
  • We successfully progressed past the local and regional stages.
  • As we reached the national stage, we presented our project to a vast audience of over 200 people.

Media Exposure

Our efforts didn't go unnoticed. After our grand presentation during the finals of Innovation Labs:

Platform Launch and Growth

Post-launch, our journey was characterized by:

  • Initiating advertising campaigns.
  • Promoting organic content to improve our online presence.
  • Expanding our team with individuals passionate about addressing entrepreneurial challenges and crafting solutions.