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June 2023 - Navigating Initial Challenges

β€” Stefan-Lucian Deleanu

Challenges with the Romanian Registry of Commerce

The initial hurdles appeared when we began observing operational inefficiencies within the Romanian Registry of Commerce.

  • A prominent issue was the Registry's limited understanding of qualified electronic signatures. Their knowledge gap posed substantial challenges for our diverse clientele, spanning from countries like Nigeria and Taiwan to Nepal.

Our Mitigation Strategy

  • Educational Approach: We developed comprehensive guides, delving deep into the specifics of electronic signatures. Our objective was to demystify the concept and elucidate its legal validation.
  • Liaison with the National Registry: To eliminate ambiguities and acquire transparent information, we reached out to the National Registry of Commerce. Through persistent communication, we managed to clarify crucial details, paving the way for a more streamlined registration process for our clients.

Platform Enhancements

Beyond the challenges with external entities, we were eager to refine our platform.

  • Bug Fixes: Our team worked diligently to rectify the initial glitches post-release.
  • Bulletproof-ing documentation: We fortified our document processing system to minimize delays. Our focus was to ensure that the registration process not only became swifter but also delivered lasting benefits for our customers.