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Brand Guidelines Book

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Logo Guidelines
  3. Visual Design
  4. Typography
  5. Imagery
  6. Voice and Tone
  7. Social Media Posts Example


Brief History

Founded in 2022, was initially aimed at simplifying business registration. However, the vision quickly expanded to eradicate the time drain caused by non-value-added tasks for entrepreneurs. A pivotal moment came in 2023 when we were finalists in the Innovation Labs competition, garnering attention from major media outlets. The team began as a two-person endeavor and has since evolved into a multidisciplinary group of lawyers, technologists, and management professionals.


Our mission is twofold. First, to become a comprehensive ecosystem of startup tools, assisting businesses from inception to becoming a medium enterprise. Second, to liberate entrepreneurs from the clutches of non-productive tasks, allowing them to invest their time in value-added activities such as product development and scaling.


Our vision is to democratize the world of entrepreneurship. We aim to make essential business resources and information accessible to all, breaking down traditional barriers that have made starting and scaling a business cumbersome. In this streamlined landscape, business registration, and consulting will no longer be intricate mazes but simplified processes navigable by anyone.

Core Values

  • Multidisciplinary Expertise: Our team is a diverse blend of professionals, including entrepreneurs, economists, lawyers, and software engineers. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to tackle the complexities of business registration and consulting from multiple angles.
  • Innovation: We continually seek to innovate, leveraging state-of-the-art AI tools to accelerate processes and enhance accessibility. This allows us to offer timely and effective solutions to entrepreneurs.
  • Integrity: At Incorpo, we ro, integrity is not a buzzword; it's a practice. We operate with honesty and friendliness, ensuring that our interactions reflect our genuine care for our clients.
  • Open Governance: We believe in the collective intelligence of our team and our clients. Decision-making is a collaborative process, involving all employees and extending to our customer base. We actively invite client participation in product development and co-creating solutions that serve real needs.

Certainly, we will proceed with creating the brand book section as requested.

Logo Guidelines for

This is our logo, now let's build the following:

The primary logo is the main visual identifier for the brand and should be used in most applications to ensure consistency and brand recognition.

Primary Logo (unchanged) - Logo-ul principal Culori complete
Primary Logo (unchanged) - Primary Logo White
Primary Logo (unchanged) - Primary Logo Black

Logo Variations

Logo variations are to be used in special circumstances where the primary logo is not feasible due to space constraints or specific aesthetic needs.

Selected Variants:

  1. Icon Variant: Icon Black
Primary Logo (unchanged) - Primary Icon Full

Minimum Dimensions and Safe Space

To ensure the logo is always legible and retains its impact, adhere to the following size guidelines:

  • Primary Logo (unchanged): Minimum size of 150x50 pixels. Maintain a safe space of at least 20 pixels around the logo.
  • Icon-only Variant: Minimum size of 50x50 pixels. Maintain a safe space of at least 10 pixels around the logo.

Improper Usage

Pentru a menศ›ine integritatea brandului, evitaศ›i urmฤƒtoarele:

  1. Stretching or Distorting: Always maintain the aspect ratio.
  2. Poor Visibility: Do not use the logo on backgrounds where it lacks contrast and becomes hard to see.
  3. Unauthorized Modifications: Do not alter the logo's effects, colors, or any other aspect without prior approval.

Certainly, let's proceed to construct the relevant section for the brand book that outlines the color palette.

Visual Design

Color Palette

Our color palette has been meticulously designed to evoke trust, high-quality service, and to align with modern design sensibilities. It also incorporates elements from Romanian culture to ensure relevance and resonance. The palette includes a range of primary, secondary, and accent colors to provide flexibility across different platforms and materials.

Primary Colors

These are the cornerstone of our brand identity, derived from the Romanian flag to maintain cultural relevance:

  • Romanian Blue: #0033A0
  • Yellow Romanian: #FCD116
  • Romanian Red: #CE1126

Secondary Colors

These colors have been introduced to modernize our palette and offer a sophisticated range of options:

  • Light Gray: #D3D3D3
  • Dark Gray: #808080
  • Navy: #000080

Accent Colors

Accent colors add depth and flexibility to our palette, allowing for a more dynamic visual language:

  • Teal: #008080
  • Light Blue: #ADD8E6


To ensure accessibility and readability, we've chosen color combinations that meet or exceed a contrast ratio of 4.5:1, as recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Combinations Accesibile:

  • Albastru Romรขnesc ศ™i Galben Romรขnesc
  • Albastru ศ™i gri deschis romรขnesc
  • Romanian Yellow and Dark Red
  • Light Gray and Dark Red

These combinations should be prioritized for text and background elements across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and web applications.


Consistent typography is essential for maintaining a cohesive and professional brand identity. Below are the guidelines for the fonts selected to represent

Primary Font: Lato

Lato is our primary font and is used for all headers, titles, and other prominent text elements. Its modern lines and readability embody the innovative spirit of, which is why it was chosen.

  • Usage: Headers, Titles, Subtitles
  • Style: Modern, Structured
  • Recommended Dimensions: 18pt and above for headers, 14-16pt for subtitle

Secondary Font: Roboto

Roboto is our secondary font. We primarily use it for body text and other less prominent text elements. It complements Lato nicely, offering an additional layer of modernity and legibility.

- Usage: Body Text, Captions, Footnotes
- Style: Modern, Mechanical
- Recommended Sizes: 10-14pt for body text, 8-10pt for footnotes and captions

Voice and Tone's voice and tone have been meticulously crafted to resonate with our target audience and reinforce our brand ethos: simplifying non-value-added tasks in the legal and business realms.

Voice Characteristics, and Gender

Advertising Content: "Michaela, the Inspiring Advocate"

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Middle-aged
  • Accent: American
  • Characteristics: Dynamic, trustworthy, and persuasive.
  • Sample Script: "Welcome to Envision a realm where you're liberated to innovate, create, and expand your enterprise, all without being bogged down by red tape. That realm is not merely a fantasy; it's a tangible reality with us. Liberate yourself and ascend to greater heights with"
Michaela - The Inspiring Advocate

Educational Content: "Jane, the Knowledgeable Mentor"

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Middle-aged
  • Accent: British
  • Characteristics: Expert, nurturing, and articulate.
  • Sample Script: "Hello, this is, your guide to seamless business operations in Romania. Today, we're delving into the complex world of business taxation, a topic that often strikes fear into the hearts of entrepreneurs. But fear not, as we're here to break it down and make it simple and manageable for you, step by step. So, let's get started."
Jane - the Knowledgeable Mentor

Customer Support: "Alexandra, the Helpful Guide"

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Tรขnฤƒr
  • Accent: Neutral or slightly favorable
  • Characteristics: Friendly, approachable, and responsive.
  • Sample Script: "Hello, and welcome to's customer support. My name is Alexandra Ardelean, and I am at your service. How can I improve your experience today?"
Alexandra, the Helpful Guide

Examples of Social Media Posts