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Welcome to the Business Magazine

Edition 0001 - ISSN Pending

β€” Stefan-Lucian Deleanu

I'm assuming you're either an entrepreneur or planning to become one soon, and you stumbled on our magazine from one of our business pages or some ad on Facebook or Google.

We will approach various topics, from entrepreneurship lessons, legal summaries on companies' law and contract law, technological developments relevant to business management, and economics analyses.

The project is a non-profit project of, the business registration platform we provide.

If you are willing to become a contributor, you are welcome to notify our editorial team at [email protected], or, in the future, submit your application, and proposed article via the forms provided.

Ethics & Publishing Policy

  • Any sponsored material will be marked as such by being prepended with a [S], or having a feature image with a "sponsored" mark attached to it.
  • Any type of contribution is permitted as long as the following rules are followed:
    • Is relevant to entrepreneurs.
    • Approaches the target topic in an In a objective, detailed manner.
    • vides clear indications of the source information, citing relevant sources and mentioning non-citable information as such.