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AI & Automation Consulting Services

The recent improvements in affordability and capabilities of large foundational models have made it possible for several startups to reach multi-billion dollar valuations.

And while AI has shown promise in automating some of the more menial, and time-consuming business activities, business adoption is stunted by the lack of internal AI expertise.

Video Explanation - What we offer

Our Proposal

At, we are a team of individuals experienced in LawTech automation. With the AI field, especially in the area of large language models (and unstructured data processing) being essential to parse and extract information relevant for our day to day activities, we are more than capable to facilitate your company to start innovating with AI.

Working with AI models since 2019, our team has managed to:

  • Automate customer support by using RAG models fine-tuned for better performance for Romanian language text.
  • Analyze and sort through millions of court records & laws in effect using semantic similarity search.
  • Procedurally implement AIs using a top-down model, quickly prototyping and then optimizing features once they gain traction.
  • Increase conversion rates via lead nurturing, with AI sending personalized follow-up emails based on the users' previous interactions.
  • Automate large data analysis and do unstructured data analysis via large language models.
  • Handle close-to-native translations via AI, and implement with a custom translation-proxy, currently used on-platform.
  • Identify UI/UX design failures or issues automatically and provide reports based on scraped content.
  1. Analyse customer sentiment and grade customer support, as well as identify wrong answers and coming with follow-ups to customers.
  2. Extract information from legal documents, analyze their validity under the law, and then automatically parse and structure information in them.
  3. Implementing Signature Flows using QES providers to guarantee documents have equivalence with handwritten signatures under the eIDAS regulation.

Our Fees

πŸ’‘ Spark

Perfect for startups and non-tech businesses beginning their AI journey.
€500 monthly
Start now πŸ’‘
  • 3 Hours of Monthly Consultancy
  • AI Starter Kit and Installation Services
  • AI Implementation for Non-Technical Businesses
  • AI Awareness Training

πŸš€ Accelerate

Ideal for businesses ready to expand their AI capabilities.
€1250 monthly
Start now πŸš€
  • Everything in Spark, plus:
  • 7 Hours of Monthly Consultancy
  • Document Drafting for Implementation Projects
  • Proof-of-Concept Development
  • Business Analysis for AI Automation Opportunities

πŸ” Apex

Designed for leaders aiming for the pinnacle of AI integration.
€3000 monthly
Begin now πŸ”
  • 10 Hours of Monthly Consultancy
  • Comprehensive Document Drafting & Hands-on Implementation
  • Advanced Strategy Development
  • Deployment Facilitation & Infrastructure Building
  • Working with you to do your AI business implementation strategy


Talk to an advisor! We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your business needs in detail. We make the decisions together to make sure you have the right company set up.

Contact information

Please contact us via email at [email protected], or via telephone at +40786833325 to schedule a first call to discuss your plans and see how we can facilitate your business growdth.