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Open an LLC in the EU online

In just 15 minutes: lay the foundation for your successful business and reap the benefits of essential tools to foster its growth, without spending thousands of dollars.

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Open an LLC in the EU online

Starting a business shouldn't be a Headache


The unfortunate status quo:


📜 Navigating the Legal Maze: Starting a business isn't just about having a great idea. It's about navigating a complex web of legal paperwork and requirements. Every misstep? More money out of your pocket.

🕰️ Time is Money: Beyond the visible costs, there's the endless time you spend on legalities, waiting for approvals, and trying to understand jargon – time that could be spent growing your business.

🌀 Endless Loops: Establishing a business bank account, navigating the constantly shifting tax regulations, and dealing with bureaucratic red tape can be a never-ending and intimidating process.

The unfortunate status quo:

And it ends up costing a leg and an arm


💸 Hidden and Unforeseen Expenses: It's not just about the obvious costs. There are a myriad of hidden fees and unexpected expenses that quickly add up:

Service Cost
Consultanță în afaceri (Start-up) 1,800 €
Google Workspace Plan (10 users) 1,440 €
Accounting (SME Firm) 1,400 €
Intercom (Customer Support) 1,284 €
Website Hosting (Premium) 200 €
Business Registration (EU Avg) 300 €
Headquarters Hosting 200 €
Bank Account Opening 200 €
Total 7,124 €
And it ends up costing a leg and an arm

And with, it need not be.


We can help you register your business...


What if you could bypass all these hassles and focus on what really matters - growing your business?

Incorpo.rois a platform for business registration and NVA task automation.

We take care of the complicated legal aspects, manage the necessary documentation, and even help you sail smoothly through the banking process:

  • Business Registration in 15 minutes: 1% income tax, 8% dividend tax
  • Headquarters Hosting and PO Box: Included in all plans
  • Consultancy: Through our content in [Romanian sentence; no translation needed] the Legispedia, and through 24/7 support on anything business.
We can help you register your business...

And help you jump-start everything...


... by providing the tools you need to make sure your business runs smoothly, at affordable prices.

With included tools like:

  • Managed Nextcloud (Google Workspace Alternative)
    • Meeting platform
    • Document management
    • Up to 1TB Backup Space
  • Project Management Suite
  • Customer Support Platform
  • Website Hosting
  • & Way more (see plans)
And help you jump-start everything...

This is what we propose


We take the time to understand your business

By having you complete our onboarding form while creating your new company.

So we can propose the best solutions, catered to you.

We draft your business registration docs in minutes

By utilizing AI technology and templating tools, we can assist in checking your data, preparing drafts, and submitting them to the registry of commerce.

We help you to get a bank account and a payment processing account

Go through KYC without stress and worries, and don't get barred from Stripe, PayPal or more!

Great promises, but can you deliver?


Well, if we don't, you can always ask for your money back. If any marketing material promises something, and we don't deliver, you're entitled to your money, no questions asked!

We have a 100% money-back guarantee!

Great promises, but can you deliver?

And here's how we're doing it:


And is it worth it?


We're helping you save money and time. Our plans are designed to offer savings of 30% to 60%* in their business expenses in the first 2 years of running

*30% to 60% savings for startups in the technology sectors (Marketing, Technology, Consultancy).
Entrepreneurs time was estimated at 40 EUR / hour to quantify time saved in money.

See for yourself.


Talk to an advisor! We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your business needs in detail. We make decisions together to ensure that your company is set up correctly.

And if you're still having doubts...


This is what previous customers have said about working with us, without any alterations, except some being translated
(word for word - even when it sounds odd, for transparency sake)

"Have helped me tremendously over the years with their expertise in various different activities. Highly recommended"

Sanchin - Google Review

"Formed a company with them - all so good so far. Response time was prompt, all services were provided as described. Have not managed to open a bank account for the company yet - but this will hopefully get resolved by the incorporo team. They also have some nice additional features like the company list, might be useful for due diligence."

Freevape - Google Review

"It's really fast, the site is optimized well, I'm happy to work with professional people, I'd like to have more details for the establishment and somewhere on the blog a section about opening costs.... Good luck!!"

Oltean Dacian - Google Review

Still not sure?


We think these FAQ Answers will clear your concerns

How does the 100% money-back guarantee work?

Very simple. Did we advertise something we didn't do?

  • We promised a timeframe but we didn't deliver on?
  • Did we fail to register your company or open your bank account?
  • Did you lose your interest or just mistakenly ordered? (In case we didn't start working on the project)

Then you're entitled to one. Just ask, and you'll get your money back, with a WhatsApp message or mail!

But what if the business opportunity disappeared?
Dacă apare o circumstanță neprevăzută, vă putem returna parțial banii, chiar dacă pașii de mai sus au fost urmați corect, dar acest lucru va fi decis de echipa noastră. Apreciem cu sinceritate întreprinzătorii și clienții de bună-credință, așa că atât timp cât solicitați o returnare a banilor cu un motiv legitim, echipa noastră ar putea decide să aprobe o returnare parțială sau integrală.

Why would I register in Romania and not in Estonia, the UK or Delaware?

Each jurisdiction has its benefits. We have a Full article on the matter here, but in short:

Estonia is the most digitized but has higher taxes, and registration takes time. Plus, the higher cost of living is reflected in the cost of maintaining a business presence, even if it's a digital business. The country's exclusive focus on services has its pros and cons, because industry, logistics, and commerce companies will encounter more challenges here!

The UK has very fast business registration, and it's cheap at the beginning, but taxes end up being extremely large in the long term. For a very small business making under 1,000 EUR monthly, it beats Estonia, Delaware, and Romania, but it gets very expensive once you make it. Taxes over taxes on both individual income, and company income!

Delaware is also a great place to start a business but is mainly targeted at US entrepreneurs. Costs are higher, and it's you need to pay a yearly feesomething that isn't necessary in Romania.

Romania is balanced., it has extremely low taxes, with microcompanies only paying 1% income tax and 8% dividend taxation once you take the money out. Plus, the costs of living are low and so is the maintenance for the company, which shouldn't be over 150 EUR per month, including tax, for a business making 2000+ EUR monthly. Finally, it's in the EU, which gives you access to the EU open market, and all of the rights that an EU residing company has.

This is more expensive than X, so I'm not interested

Our value proposition comes from long-term value and not short-term low cost.

We believe that jumping over potholes is a great way to avoid hidden costs that otherwise would hinder enterprises from growing.

Yes, it's great to save €100-200 by opting for a cheaper option, but you might be sacrificing the ability to scale quickly, which could end up costing you more if your business takes off. Why? Because instead of growing, you'll need to find the way out of potholes by yourself.

That's not to say you won't do it, it'll just take time, something that we try to streamline for our entrepreneurs, so they can focus on earning more!

Will I be able to get access to Stripe, PayPal, etc?

Here's a non-exhaustive list of some of the platforms that having your business registered in Romania provides you access to:

  • Stripe: A popular payment processor that's unavailable in several countries due to various regulations but accessible in Romania.
  • PayPal: A widely utilized financial service is blocked in select countries due to sanctions or financial regulations; however, it is accessible in Romania.
  • 2Checkout (now Verifone): Specializes in international money transfers and is accessible in Romania, which sets it apart from certain markets where it's restricted owing to regulatory hurdles.
  • Shopify: A leading e-commerce platform, restricted in certain countries due to local e-commerce laws but available in Romania.
  • Square: Another payment processing solution often unavailable in countries with stringent financial regulations but present in Romania.
  • Mailchimp: Email marketing tool restricted in countries with strict data protection laws but accessible in Romania under GDPR.
  • Zoom: A video conferencing tool that has been banned in some countries due to data security concerns, but remains accessible in Romania.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): Cloud computing services, restricted in some countries due to U.S. sanctions, but available in Romania.
  • SendGrid: Email service often blocked in countries with data restrictions but available in Romania.
  • Salesforce: CRM tool restricted in some nations due to data protection and privacy issues but open for use in Romania.
  • Adyen: A global payment company that is not universally available but operates in Romania.
  • HubSpot: A leading CRM and marketing automation tool restricted in some countries but available in Romania.
  • Slack: Team collaboration tool. While it's mostly universally available, it is restricted in some countries but not in Romania.
  • Trello: Project management tool blocked in certain countries but freely available in Romania.
  • Asana: Another project management tool restricted in some countries due to various regulations but not in Romania.
  • Miro: A visual collaboration platform unavailable in countries with tight internet controls, yet available in Romania.
  • Freshdesk: Customer support software that is restricted in some countries but available in Romania.
  • TransferWise (Wise): Serviciu de transfer de bani care are restricții în unele țări, dar funcționează în România.
  • Klaviyo: Email marketing platform available in Romania but restricted in countries with strict data usage laws.
  • GitHub: A version control platform that is restricted in some countries due to US trade controls but accessible in Romania.
  • Jira: A popular tool for agile project management, available in Romania but restricted in some countries.
  • Plaid: Financial services API, restricted in some countries due to financial regulations but accessible in Romania.
  • And more!

Romania is considered a low-risk country. That means that on average, people and companies are not considered to pose a risk to companies that deal in it (financial companies, companies caring about PR, etc). This means that you'll have an easier time getting access to whatever services you need to run your business.

I need a visa or to immigrate to Romania / Europe

Our Evergreen plan includes assistance with understanding visa/immigration policies, but only to companies that have legitimate business needs in hiring foreigners.

Unfortunately, over the years, company registration has been exploited as a pathway for illegal immigration, with immigrants taking advantage of this route. shell companies to deceive authorities into issuing Visas / Residence permits, on the false premise of them enterprising in Romania.

We welcome foreign entrepreneurs toand cater to them, but we bar any illegal activity or company whose sole purpose is immigration.

If you're coming to Romania to start a legitimate business, that's fantastic and legal! We just make sure to operate within the boundaries of the law.

Do I have to sign anything? How can I sign the documents?

Yes, you do. The company registration requires reading and signing the forms required by the registry, which we'll produce for you from templates designed by experienced lawyers.

We issue QES signatures together with Dokobit, which offer the force of law in the entire EU, and which allow you to sign just as if you were F2F, here. IT has the same power as holographic (handwritten) signatures and uniquely identifies you.

The signature serves as both your identification and consent, and can be used to sign documents and simpify the KYC on our end.

  1. Once you received our e-mail to sign, you'll be prompted to use your ID or Passport to validate your identity
  2. You'll be asked to either use your computer webcam or phone to check the document's validity. The trust providers (signature providers) function as digital notaries and help validate who you are and prevent people using false identities.
  3. You have been issued a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) that you can use to sign the documentation for your new business!
  4. We submit it to the registry of commerce or bank, and keep you posted on updates!

And that's it :)