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Law Firms in 2024: Trends analysed

β€” Stefan-Lucian Deleanu

As part of our editorial policy, our content is written in English as a first language, to be automatically translated via our AI tools.

Translations into other languages may not be entirely accurate or reliable.
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Law is a complex field - one that presents plenty of opportunity but also faces inherent difficulties.

As any field that is, in the end, fueled by it's capacity to become economically viable, a good lawyer is not just a law expert, but one who also understands how to market, gain customers, and grow his business.

As such, most law firms face the following issues:

  • Growth is stunted due to a lack of serious client inflow, frequently because lawyers omit to work on their digital presence. For example, very few lawyers have built a customer acquisition funnel to get leads from social media groups, "Ask a Lawyer" groups or other similar mediums.
  • Once firms start to grow, another issue occurs - managing growth and managing to be operationally effective. Very few law firms have robust SOPs for their firms and don't use technology to reduce bottlenecking.
  • Finally, the legal field is notoriously resistant to technology, which has in the past proved effective, but may change with the invention of AI that can efficiently write extraordinary forms of attack on the level of a senior lawyer.

The threat of non-adoption of technology.

With Generative AI likely to become a $1.3 Trillion Market by 2032, it will likely change our lives, forever. All fields that mainly revolve around handling text, images will be heavily impacted.

While we don't believe AI will replace humans, it will force you to adapt or lose to market forces. While our questionnaires have seen very weak understanding on the economics pressure this will have on lawyers, we believe the below document, written with MinervaAI, our tool, will prove the majority of critics wrong.

Written in 50 minutes, with only about 15-20% of content written manually, the above is what AI can do when properly set up.

We'll leave the document speak for itself.

Our plan to help Law Firms Expand

Our background is in LawTech. With our founders having experience working as contractors for the Defense, Technology, Entertainment, and Legal fields, we have gained expertise in all of the key areas that are of interest to law firms.

Our founders have collaborated with Forbes 500 companies such as PepsiCo, and Microsoft, have had infosec initiatives finding and helping patch vulnerabilities within the Official Monitor of Romania, Electronic Court Document system by the Arad Tribunal, used by 80% of courts including Military Courts and ICCJ, as well amond many others.

  • We understand Legal - Our business automates tasks that are related to the legal field and had to understand the specificities of the domain. We understand the statutory limitations imposed on lawyers, and how to go around them.
  • We understand Technology - We have an average amount of 7 years of experience in the tech field, per team member. With the team's expertise ranging from infosec to generative ai & statistics, we can cover you.
  • We understand Marketing & Sales - We use data-driven approaches to customer acquisition. You reading this is proof of our strategies working.
  • We understand Business & Economics - Finally, we are business owners with successful startups to our names. We understand what is worth it and can propose both emergent solutions as well as conservative solutions to grow your legal business.

What we plan to do for you

Marketing is Difficult.

Growing a successful firm is complex. You have to ensure a steady flow of clients, as well as manage the internals to provide the deliverables and get paid. Finally, you need to be able to reduce risks while not destroying your chances to grow.

The Statute of Lawyers is, in many ways, unconstitutional, uncompetitive, and hinders growth to law firms. For example, you are not allowed to grow your successful firm by hiring competitions' lawyers and paying them more.

You also can't hold a platform like, or has registered over 8000 active PFAs, each paying between 71 and 120 RON monthly as per our estimations (based on headquarters hosting and registry records).

This means between 568000 and 960000 RON - earned monthly, by a single lawyer working in tandem with IT professionals. The Lawyer is not a major stakeholder, due to limitations by the lawyer statute.

However, we've found ways around this and know how to help you create similar solutions to grow fast.

We can help you build a professional online presence, keep your social media tidy, and catchy, and build funnels to bring more customers for you.

Handling a growing law firm requires SOPs and a change of paradigm

Another issue that lawyers face is changing their paradigm from the one of a lawyer to the one of an entrepreneur. A successful lawyer doesn't take risks, is effective, and works covertly.

A successful business person is bold, takes the necessary risks to grow, and presents his successes in a form to boosts his growth.

Our team can help facilitate your team growth, help with SOPs as well as advise on serious business decisions, as part of our consultancy packages.

In addition, our team can help you develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will streamline your law firm's operations and increase efficiency. We understand that as your firm grows, it becomes increasingly important to have well-defined processes in place to ensure consistency and quality in your services.

Our experts will work closely with you to identify areas where SOPs can be implemented, such as client intake, case management, billing, and document preparation. By establishing clear guidelines and protocols, you can minimize errors, reduce bottlenecks, and improve overall productivity within your firm.

Digitalization and AI Adoption

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of digitalization in today's legal landscape. Our team can assist you in transitioning from traditional paper-based systems to digital solutions that will enhance your firm's capabilities and competitiveness.

We'll help you identify the right tools and technologies to suit your specific needs, whether it's case management software, document automation, or secure cloud storage.

One of the most exciting aspects of our offerings is the integration of cutting-edge AI tools into your law firm's operations. As the legal industry evolves, AI is becoming an increasingly valuable asset for lawyers looking to stay ahead of the curve. Our AI-powered solutions can help you automate repetitive tasks, conduct thorough legal research, and generate high-quality legal documents in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

By leveraging AI tools, your law firm can not only improve efficiency but also provide more comprehensive and accurate services to your clients. Our team will work with you to identify the areas where AI can have the greatest impact on your firm and help you implement these solutions seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Cost and going forward

We try to keep our price proportional to the value we bring. We're mainly looking to work with medium to large law firms that have proven business acumen and have the funds to invest into growth.

Our target market, is, as such, firms between 2 to 20 employees large. Exceptions will be made if they are justified. Prices range from 300 EUR for small firms, to 1.000 EUR for medium firms on a full plan, and above for concierge service or larger firms.

To get a more detailed quote, please contact us at [email protected], or via phone at +40786833325.

We provide free 20-30-minute consultancy to each law firm that requests from us and is in the target market.

Research Results - What Law Firms need

Data sources:

Data curated and processed by, using Large Language Models and traditional scraping techniques.

Research Question: What are the current needs and weaknesses of Romanian law firms, and how can these insights be used to generate a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis?

Abstract: This research aims to investigate the current state of Romanian law firms by analyzing curated data on their structure, contact information, areas of expertise, and years of experience. The study will identify the needs and weaknesses of these law firms, focusing on factors such as firm size, online presence, specialization, and potential for growth. By examining these aspects, the research will provide insights into the challenges faced by Romanian law firms and propose strategies for improvement. The findings will be used to generate a SWOT analysis, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the Romanian legal industry. The ultimate goal is to offer recommendations that can help law firms enhance their competitiveness, attract more clients, and adapt to the evolving legal landscape. Due to the lack of publically available data for most bars, and the >40% concentration of lawyers in the Bucharest Bar, we will focus on it for our analysis.

Romanian Lawyers Statistics

Geographical Distribution of Lawyers ( statistics)
Lawyer distribution - Lawyers per County
Population Pyramid - Age and Gender of Romanian Lawyers

Bucharest Bar Statistics

We've decided to focus our attention on the Bucharest Bar due to it being the most representative - and transparent bar. Over 47% of Romanian lawyers are registered with the Bucharest bar.

Basic Statistics

  • Total Law Firms: 6,889 firms.
  • Average Number of Lawyers per Firm: Approximately 1.47 lawyers per firm, indicating many firms are small, possibly solo practices.
  • Firms with Websites: 904, which suggests that many law firms (about 13% of total) have a digital presence.
  • Firms without Websites: 5,985, indicating a significant number of firms might not be leveraging online platforms for visibility.

The specializations are largely not defined for many lawyers on the Bar's website (7,840 entries are blank). For those specified:

  • Civil Law: 2,059 mentions
  • Commercial Law: 1,957 mentions
  • Labor Law: 1,355 mentions
  • Administrative Law: 1,268 mentions
  • Family Law: 1,262 mentions
  • Criminal Law: 1,000 mentions
  • Fiscal Law: 848 mentions
  • Banking Law: 693 mentions
  • IP Law: 118 mentions

While we won't be delving into analyzing the market caps for each of the specializations, we believe this can be delved into further to analyze market gaps.

Imagine de ieΘ™ire
Lawyers by specialization

We've checked the years in the profession for each law profession. Since Bucharest lawyers are the most frequent in the population for our general pyramid chart, this significantly correlates with the age of entry in the profession. As such, an estimate of the average age of entry in the year's exam can be calculated. We believe it not to be relevant to our study.

Imagine de ieΘ™ire

The large spikes can be correlated with natality boosts in the general Romanian population (eg: Decretei).

Geographic Law Firm Distribution:

We've proceeded to analyse the geographic occurrence of Law firms in Bucharest based on Sector.

While a heatmap analysis would be possible to create a clearer correlation and could be used to gauge Firm Earnings together with lawyer count and price of rental/purchase of property, we have not proceeded to do so - further differentiation is not necessary for our pitching strategy.

Sectorial distribution of Legal Firms

Distribution of firms per sector:

  • Sector 1: 1536 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 2.09 lawyers
  • Sector 2: 1154 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 1.47 lawyers
  • Sector 3: 1579 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 1.26 lawyers
  • Sector 4: 911 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 1.20 lawyers
  • Sector 5: 700 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 1.29 lawyers
  • Sector 6: 913 occurrences - Average Firm Size: 1.14 lawyers

There is a strong correlation between cost of living in a sector and law firm size.

Firm Size & Economics Capacity:

We've categorized law firms based on the lawyers that works in them. The majority of Lawyers work individually, with very few firms with multiple lawyers, at under 1000 out of the total.

Imagine de ieΘ™ire
Distribution of law firm sizes based on lawyer amount.

We've checked the form of exercise by the lawyers. As shown by the graph above, the majority of lawyers are freelancers - few being firm managers, or partners, with the majority working on a collaboration contract.

Imagine de ieΘ™ire

Digital Presence & Site Quality

We found there is a very strong, and direct correlation between size of a firm and having a website. The correlation is weak, meaning that having a site is only weakly correlated with the size of a firm. Having a site is useful, but not mandatory, especially for firms that are fine with staying small.

  • Pearson Correlation Coefficient: (0.222) - Weak relationship
    • P-value: (8.02*10-78)
  • Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient: (0.251) - Weak relationship
    • P-value: (2.20*10-99)

We've additionally worked on creating a complex AI-based grading algorithm.

The full method of query, scraping procedure, as well as procedure of grading, is detailed below. Google is used to analyze the right of access to the site. The public nature of the site is deducted by checking for Google indexing.

The results of the running of the script are proprietary, due to financial reasons, but can be fully reproduced and verified using the above files.

Imagine de ieΘ™ire
The data plot of website grade distribution by firm size
  • Firms of 1 lawyer: Average grade of 57.96
  • Firms of 2-3 lawyers: Average grade of 58.55
  • Firms of 4-7 lawyers: Average grade of 62.47
  • Firms of 8-15 lawyers: Average grade of 67.15
  • Firms with more than 15 lawyers: Average grade of 75.07

While larger firms have a significantly more curated digital presence, it still lacks behind majorly behind - no firms have scored more than 90, unfortunately:

Imagine de ieΘ™ire
Since AI models like haiku are also probabilistic, there is a grade of subjectivity to the gradings. As such,

The hall of fame of Law Firm sites (Bucharest) are as follows:

Rank Firm Name Grade Number of Lawyers Website
14 CI TOBA VLAD 84.0 1

The full, uncurated gradings of law firm sites, can be found here.

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