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I Stayed in Uluwatu for a Week and This is What I Found

β€” Alexandra Ardelean

Uluwatu has always been one of my favorite places in Bali and Southeast Asia. My dream has been to live here, as it's a small surf town with amazing beaches. However, it's always lacked good restaurants, nice food, gyms, and other amenities for long-term living.

I've been a digital nomad in Bali and Southeast Asia for almost three years now, and I've lived in Canggu for the last year. I wanted to see if Uluwatu had improved and if it was a place I could live long-term.

I'm staying at Dreamland Beach, which is one of my favorite beaches in Uluwatu. It's close to many activities and is a nice place to swim and relax.

Uluwatu Has Developed Over the Last Year

Uluwatu has developed over the last year, and there are more activities like paddle boarding. There are several places for paddle boarding, more gyms, spas, and saunas. However, there are fewer open paddle boarding games than in Canggu.

The place I go to for paddle also offers ice bath and sauna. It's not as popular as similar places in Canggu, but it's still nice to have these options.

However, I find the racket rental and paddle expensive here compared to Canggu. In Canggu, it's included in the paddle fee.

Warung Local - Good Value for Indo Food

I went to Warung Local for lunch today. It's a good value for Indo food at around seven dollars for two dishes and a smoothie. The food was good, but not exceptional.

Other restaurants in Uluwatu seem more expensive than those in Canggu.

Klapa Resort - A Good Option Near Dreamland Beach

I'm staying at Klapa Resort near Dreamland Beach. It's 40-60 dollars per night with an ocean view and a rooftop pool. The resort is older but still a good option, although there are some drawbacks like the Wi-Fi quality.

I'm seeking long-term accommodation options that fit within a budget of $600 to $800 per month. While the room itself isn't anything extraordinary, it offers a stunning ocean view and provides a comfortable living space with a spacious bathroom. The Wi-Fi connection could be better, but it's sufficient for my work needs.

There are many new sunset bars in Uluwatu. Single Fin is a classic spot to watch surfers and the sunset on Sundays. However, it's busy on Sundays, making it difficult to find space to watch the surfers and sunset.

Dreamland Beach is also a great spot to watch the sunset with a super nice vibe and plenty of space.

There are many new sunset bars in the Tullabon beach area besides Single Fin. I enjoy watching surfers while having a Bintang at one of these bars. It's less crowded than Single Fin.

I went to Singelfinn today for two pizzas for one promo. The pizza was good, and I enjoyed the sunset, live music, and the overall Uluwatu vibes.

Habitat Village - Gym & Spa

I visited Habitat village today. It offers a gym, spa, sauna, ice bath, restaurants, accommodation, and more, but the gym wasn't quite ready during my visit.

Bamboo Fitness is another gym option that looks great but lacks a sauna and ice bath. Monthly prices are also high without these amenities.

Rattan is the next place I'm staying at. It's well located with good design at a reasonable price of 30-40 dollars per night.

It feels more homey than a hotel but lacks the beachfront location. It's still within driving distance of anywhere in Uluwatu.

Bamboo Fitness has a nice design, but it lacks some amenities like a sauna and ice bath that I'm looking for. They offer classes and have a cafe on-site. Daily prices are reasonable, but the monthly rates are high without the sauna and ice bath facilities.

Samtai recovery spa offers pool area to chill, ice bath, jacuzzi, big sauna for $13 per visit.

Living in Uluwatu vs Canggu:

  • Paddle: More expensive racket rental
  • Restaurants: More expensive
  • Accommodation: Similar price
  • Amenities: Less developed
  • Sunset: More crowded

Canggu is better for long-term living due to lower costs and more developed amenities like gyms and restaurants.

Uluwatu is better for short-term stays due to its beautiful beaches and sunsets.

If you're looking for a quiet beach town vibe with fewer tourists or digital nomads, Uluwatu might be better for you than Canggu.