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How to Grow Your Business Without Going Broke

β€” Alexandra Ardelean

Dave Ramsey's Entree Leadership Podcast

The Entree Leadership Podcast is hosted by Dave Ramsey, a seasoned business and leadership expert with over three decades of experience. The podcast features a unique call-in format, where leaders can dial 844-944-1070 or leave a message at to seek advice and insights on business and leadership matters.

Caller #1: Christina from Nashville

Christina from Nashville calls in with a residential cleaning company called Your Happy House Cleaner. She started the business eight years ago to work around her children's school hours. The business grew from just her to several teams and an office manager by 2021. In 2020, the gross revenue was $128,000, and she visited the studio for a debt-free scream with her children. After a divorce three years ago, she scaled back her business and paid off the last $20,000 of her debt this year. Last year, she brought home 21% of the gross revenue, and this year it's 46% due to cutting expenses and focusing on debt repayment. She's now working on her personal emergency fund and asks for advice on when to start hiring again and how much to save for the business.

Dave advises setting aside a percentage of profits for training and development, coaching, and mentorship. He suggests creating a profit and loss statement with allocated percentages for personal growth, business investment, and profit distribution. Dave emphasizes the need for a sustainable model that allows the business to run independently of the owner's efforts.

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Caller #2: Peter from Salt Lake City

Peter from Salt Lake City calls in with a low-voltage electrical company that has seen rapid growth, going from $20,000 in top-line revenue in its first month to over $220,000 year-to-date. The company primarily focuses on commercial projects (95%), but they also do subcontract work for residential settings. Peter attributes their success to personalized customer care, setting them apart from larger competitors.

Dave commends Peter's success and shares a personal anecdote about holding employees accountable in his call center business.

Business Strategy Advice #2: Employee Accountability

Dave shares an anecdote about holding employees accountable in his call center business.

Caller #3: Mark (Location not specified)

Mark seeks advice on dealing with employee performance issues at his restaurant job. He expresses frustration with his superiors' reluctance to let go of underperforming employees due to concerns about unemployment costs impacting payroll expenses.

Dave advises Mark to have a conversation with his superiors about their decision-making process regarding employee performance issues and terminations. He stresses the importance of maintaining team morale by holding everyone accountable to set standards.

Caller #4: Charles from Orlando

Charles from Orlando calls in with an e-commerce business that has experienced rapid growth, jumping from $1 million in revenue last year to a projected $2.3 million this year. He shares the challenge of managing cash flow while expanding the business, as he has to balance meeting current demands with his future expansion plans.

Dave suggests raising prices if inventory demand is outpacing cash flow as a way to slow down sales velocity while increasing profits per unit sold.

The episode features four callers seeking advice on various aspects of their businesses, including financial management, employee accountability, and cash flow during periods of rapid growth. Dave provides practical insights and actionable strategies tailored to each caller's unique situation.