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Comment créer une entreprise à Brasov: Guide complet

Alexandra Ardelean

Brasov is a city located in the center of Romania with a population of over 250,000 residents. It is an important economic and cultural hub with a diversified economy based on industry, trade, and tourism. Establishing a company in Brasov can be an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the city's economic potential.

Pourquoi créer une entreprise à Braşov?

Brasov offre plusieurs avantages pour les entrepreneurs qui cherchent à démarrer une entreprise, y compris:

  • Emplacement géographique favorable: Brasov is situated in the center of Romania, at the intersection of important trade routes. This makes it an ideal location to establish a company that serves both the local market and regional and international markets.
  • Infrastructure développée: Brasov boasts a well-developed infrastructure, including roads, railways, airports, and modern communication services. This makes the city easily accessible and provides favorable conditions for conducting business activities.
  • Skilled Workforce: Brasov has a skilled and experienced workforce due to the presence of numerous higher education institutions and a long-standing tradition in the fields of industry and commerce. This makes the city an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking qualified employees.
  • Marché expansif: Brasov has an extensive market, both locally and regionally and internationally. This is attributed to the city's favorable geographical location and the presence of numerous companies and institutions that offer collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  • Soutien des autorités locales: Local authorities in Brasov provide support to entrepreneurs looking to establish a company in the city. This support may include consultancy, financial assistance, and access to workspace.

Étapes clés pour lancer votre entreprise à Brasov

The first step in establishing a company in Brasov is choosing the legal form. There are several legal forms available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common legal forms include:

  • Entreprise individuelle: A sole proprietorship is a form of organizing economic activity in which a single individual conducts economic activity in their own name. The advantages of a sole proprietorship include simplicity in establishment and management, lower costs, and flexibility. Disadvantages include the unlimited liability of the owner for the company's debts and difficulties in attracting capital.

  • Société à responsabilité limitée (SARL) : A limited liability company is a form of organizing economic activity in which multiple individuals or legal entities associate to conduct economic activity together. Advantages of an LLC include limited liability of the associates for the company's debts, the ability to attract capital from multiple associates, and flexibility in company management. Disadvantages include higher establishment and management costs and more formalities.

  • Société par actions (SPA) : A joint-stock company is a form of organizing economic activity in which the share capital is divided into shares, and shareholders are liable for the company's debts up to the amount of their contribution to the share capital. Advantages of a JSC include the ability to attract capital from a large number of shareholders, easy transferability of shares, and flexibility in company management. Disadvantages include higher establishment and management costs and more formalities.

4. Soumettre les documents au bureau du registre du commerce (ORC)

After preparing the necessary documents, you need to submit them to the ORC. The documents can be submitted in person, by mail, or online. If you submit the documents in person, you must go to the ORC office with all the original documents. If you choose to submit the documents by mail, you need to send the original documents by registered mail with a confirmation of receipt. If you submit the documents online, you must scan the original documents and upload them on the Site web ORC.

5. Issuance of the Registration Certificate

After verifying the submitted documents, the ORC will issue the registration certificate for your company. The registration certificate is proof that the company has been legally established. The registration certificate will be issued within 5 working days from the date of document submission.

Si vous avez soumis les documents physiquement, vous pouvez. pick it up from here:

Trade Register Office near the Brașov Tribunal
Brașov, Zizinului Street No. 106 A, Floor 1, Apartment 3
Tel.: 0268 / 311.992; 319.027
Fax: 0268 / 318.616
E-mail: [email protected]

Si vous avez soumis les documents électroniquement, vous recevrez le certificat par courriel.

Foire aux questions

The cost of establishing a company in Brasov varies depending on the chosen legal form and the complexity of the procedures. The exact costs for establishing a company can vary and are determined by various factors, including the chosen legal form and any additional services requested.

The required documents for company registration include:

  • Company registration application
  • Statuts de la société
  • Déclaration du gérant de la société
  • Copy of the administrator's identification document
  • Preuve du siège social de la société
  • Extrait de casier judiciaire du gérant de la société (généralement gratuit)

Quelles sont les étapes pour établir une entreprise à Brasov?

Les étapes pour établir une entreprise à Brasov sont les suivantes:

  1. Choisir la forme juridique
  2. Réserver le nom de la compagnie
  3. Préparation des documents nécessaires
  4. Submitting the documents to the ORC
  5. Receiving the registration certificate

What advantages does establishing a company in Brasov offer?

Créer une entreprise à Brasov offre plusieurs avantages, y compris:

  • Situation géographique favorable
  • Infrastructure développée
  • Skilled workforce
  • Marché expansif
  • Soutien des autorités locales