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Heures de bureau de SEO de Google

— Alexandra Ardelean

Dans cette vidéo, nous répondrons à des questions sur le SEO et la recherche Google.

I'm Martin Splitt from the Search Relations team at Google, and I'm joined by my colleague Gary, who is also from the Search Quality Team.

Commençons avec la premiÚre question.

Q: Meta tags for iframe content association

Comment puis-je utiliser les balises meta pour associer le contenu dans un iframe avec la page parent?

A: You can use noindex plus index ifembedded robots meta tags on the subpage, or you can use appropriate iframe options in the HTTP header to prevent embedding.

Q: Structure de la catégorie pour le site Web

For a website with a lot of categories, is it better to have a hierarchical structure or a flat structure?

A: Pour les grands sites, une structure hiérarchique est généralement meilleure. Elle permet un traitement différent des sections par les moteurs de recherche.

Comment puis-je dire à Googlebot de ne pas rechercher de liens dans les balises de script sélectionnées pour JSON ou JavaScript?

A: You can disallow crawling on these URLs in your robots.txt file.

Q: Problems with indexing new pages on a site moved to HTTPS with core MVC

I have moved my site to HTTPS with core MVC. The site has been indexed without www subdomain. But when I check indexing with www subdomain, it shows that there are no results. What should I do?

A: You need to check indexing with and without www. If you want to change how your site is indexed, you can use the URL prefix setting in Search Console.

Q: Recommandation pour les URL des pages non-anglophones

I have a question about non-English page URLs. Is it better to use English language in slug or use Chinese characters?

A: Utiliser la langue du contenu dans les URL peut ĂȘtre utile pour la recherche et les utilisateurs.

Q: What does Googlebot do when it finds a meta name pre-render status code content 404 tag?

What does Googlebot do when it finds a meta name pre-render status code content 404 tag?

A: Googlebot ignores the status code. If you want to prevent indexing, consider using a meta tag for robots.noindex or redirecting to a page with a 404 status code.

Q: Launching a new website design involving UI and UX improvements and new pages, is it better to change designs one at a time?

I am launching a new website design involving UI and UX improvements and new pages. Is it better to change designs one at a time?

A: Map out all changes and their SEO implications. Follow our guidance on handling site migrations in our documentation if you are changing URLs or content/UI.

Q: SEO impact of using double slashes in a URL (e.g., HTTPS

What is the SEO impact of using double slashes in a URL? For example, if my URL looks like this:

A: From a puritan perspective, it's not an issue. From a usability perspective, it's not ideal. It may confuse some crawlers.

Comment résoudre le problÚme de vidéo en dehors du viewport dans Google Search Console?

I have problems with video outside the viewport in Google Search Console. How can I fix this?

A: Move the video to the top of the page so it's visible when landing on the page.

Q: How to transfer image rank to a new URL after changing image hosting server?

How can I transfer image rank to a new URL after changing my image hosting server?

A: Update your image elements to point to your new URLs, and redirect your old image URLs to your new ones. Keep in mind that images are recrawled less frequently than HTML pages, so it will take some time for these changes to be processed across our search systems.

Q: Le site avait beaucoup de pages 404 qui ont Ă©tĂ© demandĂ©es Ă  ĂȘtre supprimĂ©es aprĂšs la publication des articles; est-ce un problĂšme?

My site had many 404 pages which were requested to be removed after publishing articles; is this an issue?

A: Avoir quelques 404 est normal.

Q: Le site retourne un code HTTP 200 pour les pages soft 404; est-ce considéré comme du cloaking?

My site returns HTTP 200 for soft 404 pages; is this considered cloaking?

A: This is usually considered a soft 404 but not cloaking. You can set up your server route so that these pages respond with a true 404 status code or use JavaScript to add a meta robots tag with noindex value.

Questions supplémentaires:

Q: Comment puis-je recrawler mon site pour que mes Ă©tudiants trouvent les nouvelles informations?

You don't need to do anything special for users - just update your page content and mention changes prominently on your website. If you're moving content from one page to another, use redirects so that users who visit old URLs are taken directly to the new location. Users will see your new content even if search engines take some time before they update their index.