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3 Things to NEVER Say When Buying a Car (Reaction)

Alexandra Ardelean

In this video, I'm going to react to a list of things to avoid saying when buying a car, based on a video from a father and son who work at a dealership. Let's see if I agree with their advice.

Reacting to Car Buying Advice

The video I'm reacting to is from a father and son who work at a dealership. They're sharing word tracks that salespeople use to guide customers towards closing deals. Let's see if I agree with their advice.

Company Philosophy

Before we get started, I want to share my company philosophy. My company is Ramsey, and we advocate for paying for cars in cash and only buying used cars until you reach Baby Step 4. We believe in the power of no debt, even with car purchases.

Pistes de mots

La première piste de mots est sur le budget mensuel.

  • "Quel est votre budget mensuel?"

  • Customer: "I don't have one."

  • "Combien voulez-vous dépenser par mois?"

  • Le client : "Je ne sais pas."

The second word track is about how much cash the customer plans to put down. The salesperson asks how much cash the customer has, and the correct response is to focus on the out-the-door number first.

  • Salesperson: "How much cash do you have?"

  • Le client : "Je ne sais pas."

  • "Combien comptez-vous verser?"

The third word track is about trading in a car. The salesperson asks if the customer has a trade-in, and the correct response is to separate the transactions and focus on the out-the-door price first.

  • "Vous avez une voiture à échanger?"

  • Le client : "Je ne sais pas."

  • Salesperson: "Well, what do you think it's worth?"

The video emphasizes that dealerships prefer customers who finance as it leads to more profit through interest and potentially higher car prices.

Pensées personnelles sur les conseils

I agree with most of the advice given in this video. It's important to know your budget and not be swayed by monthly payments or cash down offers. Using cash sets clear boundaries and prevents overspending on a car.

Recommandation de jeu: Tapple

Avant de continuer, laissez-moi vous parler de Tapple! Tapple est un jeu de mots rapide primé qui donne des heures de divertissement aux familles!

Interaction avec le gestionnaire des finances

La vidéo passe à discuter des interactions avec les gestionnaires de finances chez les concessionnaires.

Questions au Directeur Financier

When finance managers ask about monthly payments or loan terms, it's important to be prepared with pre-approval from a credit union and understand where payments should fall.

Considérations sur les paiements mensuels

  • "Quel paiement cherchez-vous?"

  • Client: "Je suis pré-approuvé à mon union de crédit pour 3% pour 60 mois, donc je sais que mon paiement devrait être autour de 300$"

Considérations sur la durée du prêt

  • "Combien de temps voulez-vous pour le remboursement?"

  • Client: "Je suis pré-approuvé à mon union de crédit pour 3% pour 60 mois, donc je sais ce que je cherche."

The video advises asking for a breakdown of costs for additional products like extended warranties and considering that financing these products adds interest costs.

Cash Consciousness

Using cash makes buyers more conscious of their purchases and less likely to overspend on add-ons or extras.

Final Thoughts on Car Buying Advice

It's important to do your research and have an intentional plan when buying a car. You are in control of the process, so don't be afraid to ask questions and stand firm on your budget.

Désaccord avec les options de financement

While I agree with most of the advice given in this video, I personally disagree with financing options for cars. Cars are depreciating assets, so it's best to save up and pay with cash.

Offre de ressources: Guide de Ramsey

For more information on smart car ownership and maintenance without debt, check out our car guide linked in the description below!


If you found this video helpful, please share it with others who may need help negotiating car purchases without debt. And remember, take control of your finances so you can create a life without debt!