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OMV Petrom Group Achieves Record Profit in 2022

Stefan-Lucian Deleanu


OMV Petrom Group Achieves Record Profit in 2022

As Romania's largest oil and gas company, OMV Petrom made waves in 2022 by achieving a record profit that surpassed any other Romanian company. The company's remarkable success can be attributed to various factors, including increased sales and a favorable market environment.

Record Net Profit and Sales

OMV Petrom Group recorded a net profit of 10.3 billion lei in 2022, which is 260% higher than the previous year. This is an impressive achievement that solidifies OMV Petrom's position as one of the leading companies in Romania. The company's sales also reached a record value of 61 billion lei, being 2.3 times higher than those in 2021.

This significant increase in net profit and sales can be attributed to various factors, including the increase in oil prices, favorable market conditions, and a strategic decision to focus on efficiency and cost reduction. OMV Petrom has been able to capitalize on these factors by investing heavily in technology and innovation, which has enabled the company to streamline operations and optimize its production capacities, leading to increased profits.

Contributions to the State Budget

OMV Petrom Group is one of the biggest contributors to the Romanian state budget. The company paid 9.7 billion lei to the state last year in the form of royalties, additional taxes, and specific contributions lei, four times more than in 2021. The net profit was 10 billion lei, while the contribution to the state budget, through taxes and dividends, reached a record level of 20 billion lei.

The increase in taxes was mainly determined by the taxes and contributions specific to the industry, totaling over 7 billion lei. This is a clear indication of OMV Petrom's commitment to sustainable development and its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Future Outlook

OMV Petrom's success in 2022 is a clear indication of its strong position in the oil and gas industry. The company's ability to navigate the volatile market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities is a testament to its resilience and innovative spirit. Moving forward, OMV Petrom plans to continue investing in technology and innovation to further streamline its operations and increase efficiency.

In conclusion, OMV Petrom Group's record-breaking profit and sales figures demonstrate the company's ability to thrive in a challenging market environment. The company's commitment to efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainable development has enabled it to achieve remarkable success while contributing significantly to the Romanian state budget. As the company continues to invest in technology and innovation, it is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and maintain its position as one of Romania's leading companies.


Factors Contributing to OMV Petrom's Success

OMV Petrom, the largest energy company in Southeastern Europe, has seen impressive growth in 2022. The company's success can be attributed to several factors, including increased contributions from all business segments, favorable market conditions, and strategic investments.

Contributions from All Business Segments

OMV Petrom's Consolidated Commercial Activities (CCA) operating result excluding special items was 12.2 billion lei. The company's midstream and downstream productions saw increased profits in 2022, contributing to the overall growth. The company's Downstream Oil segment saw a 33% growth in net profits due to higher refining margins and the decrease in the price of crude oil. Additionally, OMV Petrom's Downstream Gas segment had a 12% increase in net profits due to more profitable sales of natural gas.

Strategic Investments

OMV Petrom invested almost twice as much in 2022 compared to previous years. The company's investments totaled 6 billion lei, which accounts for approximately 60% of its net profits from that year. The investments were primarily focused on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, as well as the development of new projects like the polyfuel unit in Petrobrazi refinery.

Exploration and Production Sector

OMV Petrom's Exploration and Production sector saw impressive growth in 2022 with an operating result excluding special items of 5.4 billion lei. This performance was mainly determined by higher crude oil and natural gas prices, as well as a favorable exchange rate. Though production decreased by 7.9% to 43.5 million barrels of oil equivalent, this was due to the sale of production assets in Kazakhstan, marginal fields transferred to Dacian Petroleum, and natural decline in main fields. This production decrease was partially offset by the contribution from capital repair works and new wells.

In summary, OMV Petrom's impressive performance in 2022 can be attributed to several factors, including increased contributions from all business segments, favorable market conditions, and strategic investments. This growth is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and its ability to adapt to changing market situations. As OMV Petrom continues to grow and invest in new projects, it shows promise for continued success in the future.


OMV Petrom's Performance in Refining and Marketing

OMV Petrom's refining and marketing segment played a significant role in the company's success, as it demonstrated strong growth and improved margins amid increased fuel demand. According to the company's 2020 report, the CCA operating result excluding special items amounted to 4 billion lei, a result of the improved refining margin and the increase in fuel demand.

Strong growth and improved margins

OMV Petrom's refining and marketing segment demonstrated strong growth and improved margins despite the challenging global environment. According to OMV Petrom CEO Christina Verchere, "our Refining and Marketing area played a significant role in 2020, offsetting the impact of low oil prices caused by the Covid-19 pandemic". She further stated, "we have increased our refining performance, strengthened our product mix, and our marketing activities have been successful with increased sales volumes".

In addition, OMV Petrom's refining margin increased in 2020. The refining margin is a key indicator of profitability for refiners as it measures the profitability of converting crude oil into petroleum products. OMV Petrom's refining margin increased from $4.2 per barrel in 2019 to $5 per barrel in 2020.

No solidarity tax expected

OMV Petrom expects not to pay the solidarity tax this year as a result of its operations. According to Romania Insider, the company had less than 75% of its turnover in sectors such as crude oil extraction and refining, gas, and coal extraction. The solidarity tax is a special tax applied to companies operating in these sectors.

This is good news for OMV Petrom as it will have more financial resources to invest and support its operations. According to CEO Christina Verchere, "we are well-positioned to continue delivering value for our shareholders and for the Romanian economy."

Contributing to the Romanian economy

OMV Petrom's revenues are a solid basis for contributing to the Romanian economy and the Romanian energy sector. In 2020, the company's net profit was 1.9 billion lei, and it paid over 8.3 billion lei in taxes and contributions to the state budget. The company also invested over 1.7 billion lei in its operations, supporting the development of the domestic energy sector.

OMV Petrom is one of the largest contributors to the Romanian economy and has a significant impact on the country's GDP. According to Business Review, "Petrom's contribution to Romania's GDP rose in 2019 to 4.4% from 4.2% in 2018, increasing for the fourth consecutive year".

In conclusion, OMV Petrom's refining and marketing segment played a key role in the company's successful performance in 2020. OMV Petrom's increasing refining margin resulted in an improved financial performance for the company, and its operations helped it avoid paying the solidarity tax this year. The company's revenues also make it a key contributor to the Romanian economy and energy sector.


OMV Petrom: Impressive Results in Gas and Energy Sector

In addition to its strong performance in refining and marketing, OMV Petrom also excelled in the gas and energy sector, with impressive results in both natural gas and electricity segments. Despite a volatile market context, the operating result excluding special items in the Gas and Energy sector was 2.9 billion lei. Let's take a closer look at the key points that illustrate OMV Petrom's outstanding performance in this sector.

Natural Gas and Electricity Segments

According to OMV Petrom's 2020 Sustainability Report, the natural gas sales volumes totaled 46.1 TWh, which is 6% lower than the previous year. However, net electricity production recorded a record level of 5 TWh, representing an impressive 9% of Romania's production mix. These results reflect OMV Petrom's strong focus on developing sustainable and innovative solutions for the energy sector in Romania.

Pursuing Clean Energy Solutions

OMV Petrom has been continuously pursuing the objectives of its 2030 Strategy, which aims to support the energy transition in Romania by offering new and clean energy solutions to the market. Their efforts are focused on developing new technologies and innovative solutions to fully exploit Romania's natural resources.

As part of these efforts, OMV Petrom has been expanding its range of clean energy solutions, which includes renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. They have also been investing heavily in research and development, with a specific focus on reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency across their operations.


OMV Petrom's impressive results in the Gas and Energy sector reflect their commitment towards sustainable development and innovation. Despite a challenging market context, the company has managed to achieve excellent results in both the natural gas and electricity segments. Going forward, OMV Petrom will continue to pursue its objectives of the 2030 Strategy, offering new and clean energy solutions to the Romanian market. With their continued focus on sustainable development and innovation, OMV Petrom is well-positioned to remain a leading player in Romania's energy sector, while also contributing to the country's energy transition.


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OMV Petrom's Impact on Romania's Economy

OMV Petrom's record profit in 2022 not only demonstrates the company's success but also highlights its significant impact on Romania's economy. As a major player in the energy sector, OMV Petrom continues to contribute to the country's growth and energy transition efforts.

Record profits and increased contributions to Romania's state budget

OMV Petrom's strong performance in 2022 has led to record profits, with the company reporting a net profit of 5.6 billion lei ($1.34 billion) in the first half of the year alone. This represents a significant increase compared to the same period in 2021, when OMV Petrom reported a net profit of 1.1 billion lei ($262 million).

The company's success has also led to increased contributions to Romania's state budget through taxes and dividends. In 2021, OMV Petrom paid a total of 6.5 billion lei ($1.5 billion) in taxes and royalties to the Romanian government, while also distributing dividends worth 2.6 billion lei ($617 million) to its shareholders.

These contributions not only demonstrate OMV Petrom's commitment to responsible business practices, but also provide vital funds for the Romanian government to support important social and economic programs.

Boosting the Romanian economy

OMV Petrom's strong performance across all business segments has also helped boost its overall revenues and support the Romanian economy. The company operates across the entire oil and gas value chain, including exploration, production, refining, and petrochemicals.

In addition to providing jobs for thousands of Romanians, OMV Petrom also supports a vast network of suppliers and partners throughout the country. The company's investments in research and development have helped drive innovation and growth within Romania's energy sector.

OMV Petrom has also played an important role in supporting Romania's energy transition efforts. As part of its 2030 Strategy objectives, the company has committed to reducing its carbon footprint and increasing the share of renewable energy in its portfolio. By pursuing these goals, OMV Petrom is helping to support Romania's shift towards a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

Contributing to Romania's sustainable energy future

By pursuing its 2030 Strategy objectives to support the energy transition in Romania, OMV Petrom is poised to remain a key contributor to the country's economic growth and sustainable energy future. The company is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact, including investments in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

OMV Petrom's investments in sustainable energy solutions will not only benefit the environment, but also create new job opportunities and support the development of a more resilient and diverse energy sector in Romania. In addition, these efforts will help ensure that OMV Petrom remains a leader in the energy industry for years to come.

In conclusion, OMV Petrom's record profit in 2022 is a testament to the company's success and its significant impact on Romania's economy. By continuing to pursue its goals of sustainability and growth, OMV Petrom is helping to shape a more prosperous and sustainable future for Romania's energy sector.